Step 1: Concentration

Imagine that you’re surrounded by a warm, liquid light that is infinitely loving. Feel your heart expand far beyond you to become one with this love. As you bring your heart back to normal size, this infinite energy concentrates itself inside your chest. It’s an unstoppably loving force that wants to give itself away.

Stutz, Phil; Michels, Barry. The Tools (p. 81). Random House Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

To me, I imagine the warmth and love in the house I grew up.  

Step 2: Transmission

Focus on the person who’s triggered your anger. If they’re not physically in front of you (usually they’re not) then visualize their presence. Send all the love in your chest directly to them; hold nothing back. It’s like completely expelling a deep breath.

A beam of light leaving me, directed towards another person

Step 3: Penetration

Follow the love as it leaves your chest. When it enters the other person at their solar plexus, don’t just watch. Feel it enter. This will give you the sense you’re completely at one with them. Now relax—you’ll feel yourself again surrounded by infinite love, which will return to you all the energy.

The love enters the other person's chest